June Member Moment with Dominick C.

Hearing Erik talk about people from all walks of life, I realize that golf is so much more than golf. I was inspired to see if it can be that for me. It turns out it can.

I’m a professional opera singer by trade and there was this one time I spent a summer at Opera Saratoga. I was alone in town and went out to play golf. My instinct is to play alone, I don’t have to worry what others think or if I slow them down.

But this one day, I got paired up with a random guy and his friend. By the end of the round he asked me if I wanted to sing at his daughter’s wedding. We went from strangers to me being part of a really personal, family experience in the span of 3 hours.

I love being paired up with people now, and I’m more open and welcoming to meet people from different walks of life. I’ve never had a bad interaction with people I’ve been paired up with, and that’s just amazing.