bringing people together


RGC meetups are a physical manifestation of our mission to change the way golf is seen and played. They take many forms, from informal get-togethers on a driving range to 60+ people playing alternate shot with strangers who become friends.

To those we've crossed paths with: Thank you. To those we've yet to meet: we can't wait.

Last Stop: Atlanta, GA April 2nd at Charlie Yates Golf Course

Next Stop: TBD

The faces of RGC

Ambassadors & Local Chapters

Since RGC's inception, ambassadors have volunteered their time to put their town's stamp on the RGC mission by organizing local events that are designed to show a different, more communal side of golf. Every ambassador has been in their position since RGC's founding in 2018 and as volunteers, are committed to live the RGC motto that "the newest member is the most important member" with no conflicts of interest.

The passion that ambassadors bring to the course is one of the things Random Golf Club is most proud of as it advances the RGC mission where it matters most, in your town. By bringing groups of spirited golfers and soon-to-be golfers together to share stories, forge new friendships, and even play a few holes of golf, the ambassador network brings people together each and every day.

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Hosted at Grover. C Keeton Golf Course in Dallas, TX

RGC Meetup #23

stories of community