RGC X Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder

90 Day Risk Free Trial
 Free Shipping & Returns in US
Free Battery Replacements

This RGC X Precision Pro rangefinder is the same build with the same features as the Precision Pro NX10 slope series. 

The NX10 is the only rangefinder with replaceable skins, allowing you to update your style from round to round. The durable design (seriously, you'll feel a difference), ease of use, and super strong magnetic cart grip are just a few reasons why the RGC team swears by anything Precision Pro cooks up.

Premium Hard Carrying Case
Instruction Manual
Battery (+ Free Replacements)

HD Optics
Target Acquisition Technology
Extra Strong Magnetic Cart Grip
Adaptive Slope Technology
Slope On/Off Switch
Tournament Legal
999 Yard Range (All You've Got)
Pulse Vibration Technology
6x Magnification
3 Year Warranty

Shipping Details
Currently Only Available in the United States
Shipped By Precision Pro, Separately From Other Items Purchased

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